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If you have heard of anime what is your favorite kind of anime

Thursday, October 9, 2008

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what I am going to tell you about anime

I will have two different books, and a video to show my class. The books will be on a manga I have read and is still reading. The other is a manga I just started to read. The video will go with one of the books. It will be around a 5 to 10 minutes maybe less than that. I will show the class how to hold the book, so you don't bend the binding on the book. I will also show the wrong way of holding book because me and other manga/anime fans get really annoyed with people who hold the books wrong. I will also tell you the diffence between manga and anime. I will also have some japanese music to listen to that goes with shows I have seen. I will also have a digram how to read the books the right. I will also do my best on explaning the confusing parts of books I have read. I will answer question that come up from the class. I will also have some one try and read the book and see how they would react to it being backwards. It does take practice to read backwards. YAY

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Is this your first time hearing about anime? Explain your answer. (20 words)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

20 Question

1) Who is Anna May? It is a Japanese animation book to be precise.
2) Is it adventurous? Some books are more adventurous then other anime books. For example, Tsubasa Chronicles are adventurous. Fruits Basket is more of a love story rather than an adventure.
3) Is there allot of characters? Yes there are allot of characters becouse there are many different books with many different subjects. Tsubasa Chronicles has a different book series called Cardcaptor Sakura which has the same main characters as Tsubasa Chronicles.
4) What's the book about? It could be about anything really like boys and girls getting together, one anime book i have read is called Prince of Tennis it is about a boy around 11 years of age on a high school tennis team.
5) How long have you liked this book? I have liked this book for about a year now.
6) Why do you like anime? I like anime because your imagination can grow as you get older. Instead of losing your imagination.
7)Who showed you this book? My two best friends always talked about anime and I didn't understand what they were talking about. So i asked one day and they told me. I started reading a book they told me about and i loved it.
8)What age level should you be to read this? It depends on what book you are going to read. Like Tsubasa Chronicle is rated +13. That is what most of the books are some depended how violent they are.
9)Do allot of people enjoy this book? Once you start reading these books you will notest allot more people are reading these book.
10) Is this book at every library? I know for sure that two library's have these books. I am not sure if all library has them.
11)What made you interested in this book? When I started reading these books I was not sure if I was going to like them. As I started reading them more I was like it more. Now I am whating for the next chapter to come out in Tsubasa Chronicles.
12)When did you first read this book? I first started reading these books in 11th grade. Now I like talking to my friends about these books. We also discuse if we don't like something or one of use were confused in a chapter.
13) Have you recommended this book to anyone? No I have not recommended this book to anyone yet. I am tring to recommended you if you want.
14)Have you read this book as an assignment in schoool? No I have not read these books in school. They are most likly not a good idea to read them because you would need to read them all year and not all the books done yet.
15) Is this book funny? Yes it is because there are some funny parts. But is not funny at some points some are serious and other parts are sad. These books are more mixed emotions.
16) Would this book keep my interest? It depends on how your interest is held. Do you like love storys, action, or comidy? That is how I would get my book based on those.
17)Who is the authur of this book? There are many authur not just one. For exmple Tsubasa Chronicle's authur is CLAMP, Fruits Basket's authur is Takaya Natsuki.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


<= left to right Kuragena, Mokona ( little white thing), Syaoran, Sakura, and Fye from Tsubasa Chronicles

One of my favorite activites is to read an anime which is a book that is read back to front. Some of the anime discussed in my blog are my favorites. For example, Fruits basket, Tsubasa Chronicles, and Cardcaptors Sakura. If you are a first time reader or need more information, click on my links.